I realized that greater part of my time spent using computer is with web browser. However, there are so many different web browsers with different settings and running on different operating systems. I wanted to make my web browsing experience better, no matter what machine or what web browser I use.

    I understood that start page (and, new tab page) of web browser is as much important as taskbar or a start menu of the computer. That is why I started building start.yshome. Now, both the start page and the new tab page of all of my web browsers on all of my devices are set to start.yshome.

    My ongoing goal for start.yshome is to make it ultra-light to load, super-awesome to look, and to deliver same web browsing experience in anywhere and in any device. Further plan for start.yshome is to connect with user database system and deliver personalized start page for each registered user, especially for my mother.

    Visit start.yshome


    Technologies are so advanced now. Internet’s getting faster towards the lightening speed and even beyond, and emails and free cloud storages are very commonly used.

    However, sending large files across the world is still not an easy task. Whenever I got a request that is to send a huge multimedia or multiple giant images, I needed to take serious concern of how.

    A file sharing platform with nearly-unlimited storage space was demanded. So I created cloud.yshome with Pydio. It’s under experiments now, and having goal for making it faster, lighter, and easy to use.

    Visit cloud.yshome


    Experimenting parallax effect for delivering next level of yshome experience. This parallax experiment page lead to develop current generation of yshome. I am very happy to announce this "museum-atic" page. Take a look.

    Visit parallax

    SVG Matters

    Using fullPage.js, I made a research presenation about Scalable Vector Graphics.

    Visit SVG Matters


    Yong's home

    That's how my friends called "Jaeyong's homepage" when it was first launched. I simplified the nick name, "Yong's home", to "ysh" and I used it for a while.

    However, when I tried to get my own domain name, somebody already took all of the domain names starting with "ysh." I quickly decided to change the name of my homepage to "yshome" and finally got my current domain name.

    Little odd, but this is the story why the name of my homepage is yshome.

    Jaeyong's Homepage

    Yong's Home


    My personal brand since 1998

    Some history

    When yshome was first developed in 1998, it was built with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, which does not require any html code knowledges. I remember that I designed it only with tables and with some different background images for each tables. Oh, I think I put a dropdown menu too. (How great!)

    However, now in 2014, yshome is fully charged with HTML5, CSS3, and some Java Scripts. Now I have more flexibility on designing pages. I definitely can say that this is a historical moment for me and yshome.

    yshome is carefully crafted with my whole heart and soul, and it is professionally blended with decent amount of traditional web technologies and cool amount of super awesome modern web technologies. And it is only tested and guaranteed to work perfectly with the newest modern web browsers. So it is highly recommended to use modern web browsers.

    weblog in yshome

    Sometimes I feel better to share my thoughts and feelings outside of social network services like Facebook. There are several reasons. I have used Facebook since 2010, and I have too many kinds of friends on it. There is someone I do not make a contact anymore, and there is someone I do not want to contact any longer. However, I think unfriend is not the best choice to avoid those people.

    In addition to that, many of social networks just “push” my posts to everyone’s newsfeed or their timeline. I do not always prefer that method. Sometimes I only want to let someone read my personal journal post who actually visits my page.

    My website’s target audience will be my friends, or anyone interested in me. So now, I feel better to share my thoughts and feelings on to my personal blog. This leads me to build weblog in yshome.


    Story about logo soon will be updated. Stay tuned.

    Version history

    Mar 2, 2014
    Google Analytics applied.
    June 17, 2014
    New generation of yshome released to public. Online portfolio style one-page website inspired by Parallax scrolling effect.
    June 18, 2014
    Popup lightbox applied to about page.
    June 20, 2014
    Officially registered to the three major search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and also registered to DMOZ, the Open Directory Project, which shares database to hundreds of search engines across the world.
    July 22, 2014
    Various minor design refinements.
    November 6, 2014
    Version history now opened to public.
    Popup lightbox applied to experiments page.
    Multimedia contents added and current work status updated.
    Meta tag updated.
    Various minor design refinements.
    November 7, 2014
    Various minor design refinements; popup lightbox size is now automatically adjusted by the screen size.
    November 8, 2014
    CSS and JavaScript versioning applied; now CSS and JavaScript files automatically reload and refresh on client sides without using cashed ones.
    Started transcoding to php from html.
    Various minor design refinements.
    January 31, 2016
    Fixed issue where 'experiments' and 'about' pop-up dialog does not work.
    Address and map updated.
    Profile image updated.
    Twitter section removed.
    Minor design refinements.
    February 14, 2016
    Endorsements (What People Say) updated.

What's so cool about me.

Always love to think outside of box. Great at finding the most efficient solution. Excellent analytical and critical thinking skills. Strong interpersonal skills. Technologically brilliant and with some humors attached as a bonus. Guaranteed.

I am a university graduate, studied Computer Science. I am a co-founder of Computer Science Club in Lindenwood University, and a former CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer) in the club. I was a lead software developer and a UX designer of the senior project team. I was also proudly a volunteer web developer of IMWD (Interactive Media and Web Design) Firm at Lindenwood University.

I have a full-cycle development experience with C# programming language, and I also have undergradutate-level experience with C++, Java, VisualBasic, MySQL, and Lua programming languages.

My very recent professional job was working for both the university IT Helpdesk team and IT Systems Infrastructure team for supporting 16,000+ students, faculty, and staff. I was responsible for workstation OS image management, SCCM application packaging and deployment, SCCM software update and update point management, SCCM driver management, SCCM OS deployment, SCCM asset management, SCCM endpoint protection, and many more. I have experience with scripting language as well. I have written 2700+ lines of Command Line scripts to automate and efficientize jobs, and was actively writing as needed.

Full Name

20. DECEMBER 1990.


cv image


+1 (636) 578-7806
+82 10-7721-8950

Web Site

What I do.

Mobile application development, Web development, Database management, and Singing.
And I'm still learning more!

Game Development
Audio Production
Web Development
Database Management

What I was doing recently.

Tier 2 Tech / Systems Administrator

I was exclusively recruited by the former CIO of Lindenwood University. I was started as a Technician and promoted through Systems Administrator role for the IT.

As a Computer Science major Systems Administrator / Tier 2 Tech, I was integrating my programming skills into my work. I have written 2700+ lines of scripts to automate and efficientize jobs, and was actively writing as needed.

Follow me on for more info.

  • avatar

    Shawn Haghighi

    Former Professor, Former Chief Information Officer

    I have known Jaeyong for four years and I consider him to be one of our better Computer Science students here at Lindenwood University. He was an excellent student who worked hard. He always completed his homework on time. I have had him in two of my classes. While he was a student, he was always willing to help his fellow students and he had an outstanding work ethics. I believe you will find his work to be of the highest quality. Jaeyong also worked for me for a period of 18 months in the IT department as a Help Desk Technician. He did a wonderful job. He was friendly to the customers and people asked for him by name.

  • avatar

    Cathy Lucas

    Assistant to the Chief Information Officer

    I have worked with Jaeyong for over a year and a half. We are both members of the Information Technology Department at Lindenwood. I am the Assistant to the CIO and he is a member of the Help Desk team. I first worked with Jaeyong when he was a Work and Learn student. Jaeyong’s skill level, knowledge, passion for his work, and strong work ethic were quickly noticed by both the CIO and Director of User Services and lead to an offer to join the team as a permanent, full-time employee. I am confident that Jaeyong’s dedication, intelligence, and desire for knowledge and personal growth will aid him in being a success in his chosen career path.

  • avatar

    Kirgan Taylor

    Former Telecom Administrator

    Jaeyong is a very hard worker and exemplifies many qualities that would enhance the quality of learning for all of the students around him. His beaming personality and winning smile are the easiest to notice. His thoughtful approach and analytical aptitude make him a worthy candidate for advanced education. His willingness to work with others and impart his skills in a group setting makes those around him better for his presence.

  • avatar

    Erica Blum

    Assistant Professor Interactive Media and Web Design

    I was fortunate enough to have Jaeyong in my design with Illustrator class. He puts extra effort into everything he does and he does it with a smile. Jaeyong was not an Interactive Media and Web Design major, which can be intimidating when taking an Interactive Media and Web Design class. Not only did he do amazing work, he went above and beyond what most students did.

    ...He’s wonderful, he’s very sweet, he’s very shy, but he’s absolutely amazing. Everybody just absolutely loves and adores him. I think anything he puts his mind to, he can do, which is pretty impressive.
    ...Don’t graduate and stay... I’ll make you fail... cuz you are awesome!

  • avatar

    Melissa Spears


    Jay, Jay, Jay, where do I begin? ...So smart, yet so hilarious. Whatever your future holds, you will be great at it. Thanks for fixing my computer. ...You're an AMAZING individual. I am totally interested in you! ...you’ll always continue to blow people out of the water.

  • avatar

    Ryan Oldham


    Finding somebody so happy all the time, full of energy and jokes, and always wanting to make people laugh, doesn’t happen too often in 9 a.m. classes, but Jae would always seem to make people laugh, just by standing there. He was a great classmate and I’m sure he’d fix my computer any time.

  • avatar

    Glendon Grapperhaus

    Firm member

    In IMWD Firm, he always offers help and showcases a wide range of skills. When I first met Jae, I thought he was really fun to be around and hilarious. His work ethic is phenomenal. He is always trying hard and is impressive. I feel very fortunate to have met such an exceptional and talented person.

  • avatar


    Various Classmates

    "You're a smart guy." - Andrew Balint
    "I like your presentation!" - Meagan McCaughan
    "You really did fix my computer :D Thank youuuuu Jae!! :)" - Reem Abdalazem
    "You are hilarious but go about it in an unintentional way! love it." - Kelly Louise Henson
    "You're awesome. I’m going to miss you most!!!! Always let your personality shine... you have a great one!" - Brittany Velasco

  • avatar

    David Hollinger

    English Language Instructor

    Several teachers have commented on his glowing personality. My experience has been no exception. In my conversation class, he consistently worked hard and was an encouragement to his fellow classmates. He always brought a positive attitude to class and was motivated no matter the circumstance. Jae-Yong was never afraid to participate or express his opinions in class.

  • avatar

    Joel Saunders

    English Language Instructor

    He never failed to bring a smile to his classmates’ faces with his positive outlook on life and his open, caring attitude.

  • avatar

    Sung-Su Lee

    Highschool Teacher, in Charge of English

    He was one of the students who has a great personality and has respected teachers in the class. He was honest and did his best in a variety of areas. He always showed us a bright smile with happiness, positive in every situation and led his friends by helping them who had a difficult time. I believe that, in the future, he will be a great person, not selfish or pretentious, who is considerate and helps others.

  • avatar

    Jang-Ryul Ryu

    Highschool Teacher, in Charge of Art

    He is very progressive, has a sharp brain and is a versatile student. He especially has conclusive volunteer work. He adopted a progressive attitude to volunteer for all kinds of programs such as school life and club activities. Foremost, he is an outstanding individual with a strong character. He has the ability to produce impressive results in a wide variety of areas. Also, he has an excellent artistic sense. I have seen astonishing results on complex projects that offered great attention to detail where quality was never compromised. Additionally, he has a very positive attitude and truly embraces learning all there is to know about art. Watching him, I thought that he would be a great man in the field in which a ‘sense of art is needed’.

  • avatar

    Yong-Jae Kim

    Highschool Teacher, in Charge of Japanese

    His activities in social and community services are another merit that I would like to add. In addition to his coursework, he also dedicated some of his time volunteering at Social Welfare Corporate. His position required him to clean rooms and help children. He felt volunteering was an important leadership role in which he learned how to help handicapped people. The skills acquired through volunteering will be beneficial to all of his future endeavors. He has the ability to manage and organize his time and schedule around different activities without having them interfere with school.

Technical Skills

I have bunch of skills, and here are few examples.

Photoshop / Illustrator

Enough skills' ready to design a logo, an app, or a web site.


Spent 4 years++ to learn this language.


Ready for web development.

Other Programming Languages

PHP, JAVA, C#, MySQL, Lua, and more on the way...

Contact Me

I am always opened, and you are always welcomed.

Contact Me
  • marker image617 Park Court
  • phone image+1 (636) 578-7806
  • mail imagejaeyong@yshome.me
  • magnifier imagewww.yshome.me
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